Meet Ginny

My son sent me a card many years ago, which for me is priceless. He wrote: “Mom, you have successfully transformed yourself so many times with great success. Sure, there were times you stumbled and even failed but I’ve never known you to quit anything. It’s amazing! I am proud to have you as a role model. Thanks for what I’ve learned from you.” I cherish this personal testimony. Perhaps that was my first TURN to begin living my passion as life coach.

I’ve taken several paths on the road to life coach that enable me to uniquely relate to and support client’s needs.

  •  a “first” female police cadet
  • administrator of a women’s work release center
  • taught in higher education & conference presentations
  • collaborated on a college relationship violence video shown on Oprah
  • conceptualized & administered a higher ed faculty development center
  • did career outplacement services
  • leadership  & management training for a healthcare organization
  • management coaching
  • survived & thrived after divorce
  • consulted & implemented domestic & international training workshops on: assertiveness, stress management, communication, negotiation, interviewing,behavioral styles (DISC), career change,  faculty teaching development, teambuilding, leadership, humor, time management & more
  • presented on radio & television presentations
  • delivered keynote speeches at conferences
  • earned recognition in real estate sales
Coach Ginny, Your Turn Life Coach founder

I found purpose, success and reward but certainly faltered in many of those opportunities. Yet, it was not as meaningful as what I hoped to embrace. In hindsight, I realize I wound up in a lot of different places because of what other people thought I should be doing. Things took a TURN when I found my passion and started as a life coach in 2000. I discovered meaning purpose and passion. It was my TURN to live my passion…my TURN do what I wanted to do. You are entitled to YOUR TURN, too. Maybe it’s YOUR TURN to make a career shift or perhaps it’s YOUR TURN to become more assertive or YOUR TURN to take a new path. Maybe you’re not sure what it is. Together we can find YOUR TURN!

Certified Motivational Coach, Global NLP Training
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