• What is life coaching?

    It’s a vital investment in your wellbeing to shift, grow and move forward. The focus is the future, not the past. You hold the answers. My skills and tools do the gleaning. Our confidential sessions involve defining what you want to achieve, change or create and then a plan and process to reach that goal, your turn.

  • What life coaching is not.

    It’s not psychotherapy. Rather, it’s very focused on taking action with a dynamic and flexible plan to get you to that desired place.

  • Who engages in life coaching?

    People who have challenges, uncertainties and dissatisfaction with their current state, such as:
    – indecision about change
    – vagueness on how to move forward
    – career path
    – a drive to create a more satisfying life
    – ambiguity on what they would like to do next
    – hesitation on taking a leap

  • How does a life coaching session occur?

    The majority of my clients engage in a 55-75 minute telephone session. Some local (Rochester, NY) clients opt to meet face-to-face. And some people like to Skype. I do some assessments and we engage in a conversation of questions and responses, concluding with an action plan. Between sessions there is opportunity to email or text questions or concerns. Prior to each session you will complete a summary of your progress so we are ready to be focused on important items.

  • Is life coaching private and confidential?

    All information is completely private and confidential unless the client indicates a serious threat to life.  I do not divulge the name of client without written consent.

  • Who is a good fit for life coaching?

    YOU, if you want to take YOURTURN and make a difference in your life. However, not individuals who are drug/alcohol dependent and/or in need of psychotherapy.

  • How are you qualified to be a life coach?

    Life coaching is an unregulated field and requires no certification. I am a certified Motivational Coach, NLP Practitoner and DiSC Facilitator. I have 15 years experience as a life coach and over 20 years as a business trainer and consultant.

  • What is the required investment?

    First, your commitment and accountability. Fees are based on the number of sessions or package you choose.

  • How do I proceed?

    Contact me at ginny@YTcoach.com to arrange a 30 minute complimentary discovery session at no obligation.