Empathy & Support

Demonstrating empathy & support. I recently overheard a conversation that lacked empathy and support. It went like this. One friend says to another: ”I’m very upset about my daughter being bullied in school.” Friend replies: ”Oh, she’s sure a tough kid. She’ll get through it.” This response is shallow and doesn’t address the communicator’s needs.…


Passion and purpose

I didn’t recognize my passion when I began holding neighborhood fundraisers as a kid. The first, I recall, was a carnival in our driveway. I recruited other neighborhood kids to perform exotic acts such as baton twirling and palm reading. And, I solicited fresh baked cakes from neighbors for a cake walk to win a…

Suspension on a Tightrope


Suspension Swirling colored lights, drums pounding. Running on tiptoe in sleek, tight, glamorous attire. Climbing ropes to the top. Suspension platform. Tightrope walkers commence the risk. Balanced between two ends, concentration on the goal. Tension among viewers feels like a pelting hailstorm. It’s difficult to watch yet you don’t pull your eyes away. You’re transfixed,…